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This amazing Natural Anti Aging Cream Vitamin C Fix Canada| Best4You  grants your skin a lively and fresh look. Our product works as an anti-aging that regenerate your skin to look younger and softer. Its combination has the most important vitamins for your skin, both vitamin C and vitamin E, which protect your skin from environmental changes, granting it a silky touch and loving care.

Our team made Vitamin C Fix with high-quality Rosehip Carrier Oil to provide your skin with the needed moisturization, and reduces the stretch marks and spots. Therefore,  you can use for a dual function (2 in 1). It is very safe, and you can apply to different parts of your skin without causing any skin irritation. Also, its divine scent leaves your skin smelling sweet and enjoying it the rest of the day. Pick it for yourself or as a lovely gift for your friend!




Vitamin C Fix includes Vitamins C and E to protect skin from environmental hazards and revive skin in need of some tender and loving care. Rosehip Refined Carrier Oil provides the moisturizing element to reduce scars and stretch marks. Vitamin C Fix is made from all natural ingredients and is safe to use on different areas of the body. It is a fantastic addition to any beauty cabinet and is sure to be a beloved gift. Anti-aging cream Helps with irritated and dry skin. Dual use as a moisturizer. Reduces stretch marks and scars.


How to Use:


Gently apply to face and softly rub in.


Volume: 2 oz.



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