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Make yourself a favourite and go grab one of the Shea Rosa Foaming Body Polish Canada| Best4You. It will polish your skin, it’s so gentle but still so effective, this lotion is very comforting so when you rinse off the scrub you feel like you have a brand-new baby skin. The scent will take you to the middle of winter, yet holding the most beautiful rose. It can be used for all ages and make you look younger. 


It’s made with Shea butter apricot shells which incredibly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, reduces inflammation, and smoothes the skin.  


Gentle enough to use every day without irritating your skin. It has a natural calling sensation and going to feel really good. Give your skin some love with this body polish!


A note to our customers:  Our products are handmade in small batches.  The products appearance may not be exactly the same as the photo or on our website. Thanks for understanding!



handcrafted with care

gentle exfoliation to revive skin

made with shea butter 

How to Use: 


Shower in warm water to soften body for exfoliation. Apply scrub with hands by gently massaging onto skin, away from running water. Rinse. 


Volume: 8 oz. 





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