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Java Scrub (100% organic coffee Scrub) Canada| Best4You is a very special scrub that you can put on your face and your body. It leaves your skin very beautiful and hydrated, but not only that.  On your face, coffee helps you with puffiness, with some swollenness. Also, it helps to diminish the problems of having any discolorations or dark circles. In your body, if you suffer from cellulite?  


This 100% organic coffee scrub helps to decrease flabbiness, cellulite, and all of the common problems that most women go through, especially in the hips and legs. The tightness of the skin appears after a few times of regular applying of this scrub. Because of the coconut oil, which hydrates the skin, and the grounded coffee beans that have many benefits like antioxidants and exfoliation, you will see a wonderful effect on your skin. However, this scrub gets rid of the free radicals and everything that causes your skin to look tired and fatigue. 


A note to our customers: Keep away from the kid's reach, make sure not to touch the eyes or mouth, you can save it in room temperature. The product is handmade and might not appear 100% the same as the photos on our website. Thanks for understanding!




handcrafted with care

gentle exfoliation to revive skin

made with coffee beans which helps tighten skin and minimize the look of cellulite

How to Use: 


Shower in warm water to soften body for exfoliation. Apply scrub with hands by gently massaging onto skin, away from running water. Rinse. 


Volume: 8 oz.





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