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Start a soothing warm bath by using Clarity bath and body works bath salts Canada| Best4You. Our Clarity bath salts have been carefully handcrafted with high-quality natural ingredients. To clear your mind and give your brain engine the rest it needs after a long day. It contains Rose essential oil, one of the most conspicuous and socially critical blooms on the planet. It has a rich, intoxicating aroma that's just as beautiful as the bloom itself. Like never before, amazingly, your mind will gain absolute clarity with our Clarity bath salts. It helps the aching muscles to relax, plus makes you feel less susceptible to everyday stress. If you're looking for feeling a real mental strength, mental control, or the tremendous natural experience in just a few minutes, Clarity bath salts will take you there!  Give it a try!






A reminder to our clients:  Our products are handmade in batches therefore, the product's appearance may not be exactly the same as the product photo or as on our website. Thanks for understanding! 






help relax aching muscles

natural essential oil of rose offers uplifting aromatherapy. 

How to Use: Draw a warm bath and stir in a handful of bath salts to distribute evenly.


Size: 8 oz.

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