MY STORY BEGINS / our story builds and unfolds

Hi, my name is Ken Hannaberry , the mind behind this start-up ( Let’s talk about why I started this. On July 2018 my dear granddaughter Harper was born, the inspiration behind this company.

As I was holding Harper, it came to me that I needed to get more involved. I started asking myself if I was doing the best I could to give her a good and healthy future? Take a position on what is happening around me, look for alternatives, respect others and give back.

During the period of reflection, I was becoming certified as a Sustainability Facility Professional by International Facility Management Association (IFMA).

The training and certification process opened my eyes regarding the negative effects we have on the environment, and each of us, have a role to play.

I started pondering, how can I help my family, the people around me (locally and globally). Look at what folks do everyday and see if I can find some linkage that would be of good use to the many.

Washing hands, baths and showers, creams, lotions came to my mind. Harmful chemicals being used daily and then being washed off and down the drain, to become another issue. Possible health issues + environmental concerns. Have you ever considered what you’re using? Is it good for you and for the people around you?

  • Today
  • (together) Our Tomorrow

And so, I am putting my personal money at risk, to help educate and influence a change in habits of people. I hope to inspire everyone and create a better environment for my grandchildren to live in. A 1% change by many, is a HUGE change overall. If collectively, we can achieve a 5% change in daily routine, we will be the model for others.

At first glance, it looks impossible, but think back to the 1% change, and when OUR number of followers are over 1 million, who changed 1% from their beginning with us, so many positives will unfold. We together will have a strong voice in the FUTURE pricing of products, types of containers, amount of product contained. On top of this, Commercial producers of products will finally listen to the conscientious consumer or suffer the consequences in lower sales. BEST4YOU.CA is a company for everyone. I want everyone to have a voice in this. U-CAN-DO-IT + i-can-do-it =

Please like and follow (IG) @best4you and (FB) Together, when the numbers of followers are large, we will have influence. This begins today, with your first actions!