Water purifier shower head: Ultra pHresh with Vitamin C and Chlorine Free


Water purifier shower head: Ultra pHresh with Vitamin C and Chlorine Free



When the skin is regularly exposed to chlorine in shower water, it is irritated and dries out. The Ultra pHresh shower head has a Vitamin C filter which neutralizes irritating and harmful contaminants in the shower water. There are several contaminants found in water, which cause chlorination such as, chloroform, bromoform, and dibromochloromethane. Chloroform is absorbed through the skin, and long-term exposure to undiluted chloroform causes blistering, sensation, and redness. Such contaminants are neutralized by the use of a shower head water filter. With this showerhead, you can be sure that you come into contact with Vitamin C infused water. Vitamin C is most beneficial for better skin and hair.


Effects of Vitamin C 


  • If you have been struggling with high water loss through the skin, causing dry skin, then Vitamin C is the solution for you. Vitamin C promotes barrier lipids, which decrease water loss through the skin and in turn, decreasing skin roughness.


  • It limits the damage caused by UV light exposure. Though it does not work like sunscreen lotions which absorb light, it works as an antioxidant, which neutralizes free radicals cause damage to the skin.


  • It regulates the protein collagen on the skin structure to control oxidative damage which leads to changes in skin structure. The stabilization of the structural protein collagen leads to better support of the epidermis.


  • Motivate the formation of the epidermal barrier leading to increase wound healing properties. Deficiency in Vitamin C leads to poor wound healing, and when introduced at specific facets of the wound, they heal fast.


Negative ions


Negative ions are added to the water through a patented ionizing plate in the shower filter; they contribute to the health and overall being of the body. This technology promotes relaxation and soothing of the body. Per every cubic centimeter, the shower head filter for hair generates over 400,000 negative ions. This is similar to a waterfall or being at the beach; it is very rejuvenating to shower in a cascade of negative ions every day. Effects of negative ions


  • Revitalize cell metabolism.
  • Enhance immunity in the body.
  • Promote blood purification
  • Neutralize free radicals
  • Promote healthy digestion and deep sleep by balancing the autonomic nervous system.
  • Constant exposure to negative ions protects against viruses and allergens which make you sick.



Pressure Boosting Design


Get up to 1.5X pressure than the ordinary shower head with this uniquely designed product. Even if the pressure is higher, it does not hit hard on the skin; it feels silky and soft.


Wate- Saving Design


Amazingly, the ionizing design is made of fine hole pattern that conserves on the water and cuts down on your water bill significantly. The best part is you significantly save on energy cost as the water heating costs lower too.


The Ultra pHresh offers pure and clear shower filter with the rare combination of unbeatable technology which spells effective and efficient. 

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