Made with patchouli essential oil, this cream-colored soap is perfect for a ‘masculine’ scent. The patchouli oil is derived from an aromatic herb through the distillation process of extraction. Using this soap increases the collagen content of the skin, and leads to less wrinkle formation. The middle of the soap is slightly herbal covered with a hint of spice on top. Very friendly to the skin and leaves you with a refreshed skin. You never have to worry about the damaging ultraviolet radiation that causes damage to the skin, eventually aging it. Very useful in treating cracked, acne, dry skin, and dermatitis acne. Oily hair and dandruff are easily regulated by continued use of this soap. The ingredients present in it include patchouli essential oil, olive oil, water, palm oil, and coconut oil. The fragrance of soap eases stress by providing feelings of relaxation and reducing anxiety. This essential in relieving depression too.

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