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Our Java Jolt Exfoliating Facial Scrub Canada | Best4you is the ideal choice for people who suffer from oily skin. It is 100% organic coffee scrub and natural, high-quality ingredients that make it gentle and safe for sensitive skin. It contains coffee grains to peel your skin with removing dead cells, dirt, spots and helps to diminish the problems of having discolorations or dark circles. Furthermore, it has many advantages like antioxidants properties and exfoliation for the best treatment and relieving to your skin.

Also, it contains the apricot shell powder to activate and freshen your skin granting it healthy glowing appearance.

You can use Java Jolt for your face and your body after applying it gently, then rubbing it softly to be astonished by the fabulous result of your beautiful and hydrated skin!

Don't hesitate to order and pick up this magical jar!




Reduces blemishes

Exfoliates skin

Fresh and clean feeling after use

Our java jolt exfoliating facial scrub and all the products are free from fillers and

harsh chemicals. They are 100% handcrafted with thought and care. Every product is



How to Use: Apply small amount to face and gently wash. Remove with water and dry.


Volume: 2 oz.



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