Clean Sip the Best Portable Water Filter Straw


Clean Sip the Best Portable Water Filter Straw

The straw water filter is the smallest water filter ever produced. No need to risk your life by drinking highly contaminated town water or well water. Clean sip drinking straw helps you quickly and easily filter drinking water within one sip. It conveniently fits your pocket, making it portable everywhere you go. Save from spending on bottled water because this straw lasts up to six months or until you are unable to draw water through the straw. On average, you need two straws annually, which is cheaper than getting bottled water.


Ionic water purification system technology

The straw is made of three definitive filters, a high purity metal alloy, and activated charcoal. Once wet, the metal alloy, which has two dissimilar metals with negative and positive ions, creates an electrostatic charge. This happens through a process known as electrochemical oxidation-reduction. Biological contaminants and harmful metals are electroplated through this process, purifying the drinking water.


Activated charcoal

Charcoal is treated to create a porous structure, which is the key factor that makes it useful for different water filters. The activated charcoal is natural and works by adsorption, meaning it absorbs impurities chemically as opposed to physical. When made wet the activated charcoal increases it’s surface area, improving its efficiency.


  • Activated charcoal retains useful minerals in the water that are healthy for the body.


  • Adds minerals such as iron, calcium, and magnesium, thereby improving water quality.


  • Effective in removing odors from drinking water.


Preserves the environment


Plastic water bottles are becoming an environmental issue that everyone should be concerned about; not to mention the havoc they cause when they block drainage during the rainy season. This plastic waste does not disintegrate, so the land is filled with tons of carbon dioxide and barrels of oil.


The water filter straw should not be used with other liquids such as alcohol, sodas, flavored waters, juice, or coffee. This filter straw effectively reduces heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, aluminum, lead, hydrogen sulfide, fluoride, barium, and arsenic. Also, fungus, E-coli, chlorine, algae, and scale sediments are successfully eliminated.


The clean sip straw comes with a unique carrying case, making it a great choice water filter purifier camping, traveling, in the office or restaurant than this. Get yours today comes with different colors, one for each member of your family. Get it in blue, red, orange, red, green, white, purple, pink, and black.


Instructions for use


  • When using for the first time, draw the water and allow it to sit for one minute in the straw. This will activate the straws filtering media.
  • Then proceed, drawing more water slowly to allow maximum filtering.
  • The straw can be reused until you can no longer draw water with it, then it is time to replace.




  1. Take five glasses of water daily for 4 to six months.
  2. Use an enclosed seal able tube to carry your portable water filter straw.


Leave water in the filter to increase the durability of the straw and prevent bacteria growth by maintaining bacteriostatic conditions.

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