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Feel the beauty, sweetness, and absolute amazing smell with our Lavender Sugar Scrub Canada| Best4You. 


It’s a mixture of melted sugar in the moisturizing, skin-soothing coconut oil, and the relaxing lavender oil filled with the classic scent. 


Pat this mixture into yours skin with little message, you don’t want to irritate your skin but you want to cover every little inch of your face, overall this is going to make your skin soft and tight, you’re supposed to exfoliate very well using circular motions to get your blood flow circulating, just for 30 seconds. You feel the difference in your skin as soon as you start drying your face.


You can use it to wash your face, remove make-up, or as a moisturizer. It would be great for holiday gifts for someone special! 


A note to our customers: Keep away from the kid's reach, make sure not to touch the eyes or mouth, you can save it in cool temperature. The product is handmade and might not appear 100% the same as the photos on our website. Thanks for understanding!



handcrafted with care

gentle exfoliation to revive skin

made with relaxing Lavender oil 

How to Use: 


Shower in warm water to soften body for exfoliation. Apply scrub with hands by gently massaging onto skin, away from running water. Rinse. 


Volume: 8 oz. 


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