Special Bath Salts to Have Relaxing Bubble Bath

Special Bath Salts to Have Relaxing Bubble Bath

Who doesn't crave for relaxation after a long tiring day? Many of us prefer a hot bath, but what if we tell you that there can be a more exciting way to relax at the end of the day? Or perhaps you like to take yours in the morning to inwardly prepare yourself for the day ahead. Either way, it is a ton of pleasure to experiment with some exotic and aromatic body oils and powders that can help you get rid of lethargy and insomnia. But if harmony and serenity are the names of your game, you are going to want the best bath salts for relaxing.


When it comes to my way of saying "Goodbye" to tiredness, Clarity bath salts are my choice for an aromatherapy. It’s because they are rich in minerals, help with muscle aches, and leave skin feeling baby-soft.


And when we say aromatherapy, what can be better than natural essential oil of rose?  For instance, I'm at my most peaceful when I'm in a garden full of roses, so when I'm trying to relax, I often turn to rose-inspired blends.


Our loyal customers are attracted because of the quality of our products. The soothing aroma of our products is entirely natural and makes you feel like away from all stresses during your bath. But, you don't have to just believe in our words blindly or take our words for it.


Let's dig a bit deeper into its natural ingredients and find out the benefits, our products are offering you:

Bath Salts


Benefits of “Clarity Bath Salts” Ingredients


Clarity Bath Salt is made from the Dead Sea Salt, Epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate), and Himalayan Rock Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, and Rose essential oil. Following are the ailing and healing benefits this awesome bath solution has to offer you:


  • The Dead Sea has long been believed as a divine place for healing. Since ancient times, it has been revered to us. It will also help in insomnia because of the effective absorption of magnesium through your skin.


  • It is believed that Clarity Salt Bath’s effect of detoxification is not less than that of a 3-day fast. After sitting in a Clarity Bath Salt, the Himalayan Salt detoxifies not only your skin but make it more energetic and healthy, draining all of the negative energy.


  • Using Himalayan salt rocks helps balancing the pH level of your skin, increases blood circulation, and betters the look and feel of your skin—your skin will be glowing after your bath!


  • Rich with Epsom salt, Clarity bath salt is best for relaxation since it has Magnesium, which is widely known for reducing inflammation in the endothelial layer of the skin.


  • The proportion of sodium bicarbonate in your bath salt will help you fight the following conditions such as yeast infections, skin and nail infections and different kinds of skin ailments.


  • Lastly, Rose Essential Oil offers you antiseptic and astringent properties to treat acne skin, as well as anti-inflammatory properties that help heal the skin redness.

Product Availability:


This product is available on the website; you can get your hands on these packs of magic with FREE shipping within Canada and it will make you feel like never before. All you need is to click here and add Clarity Bath Salt to your cart.


Other than this, you can have some awesome bath bombs, and Bath and body work bath salts from our website. So, grab your favorite product before it runs out of stock.

About Best4You.CA

Best4You.CA is a start-up that aims to help educate and influence a change in the habits of people towards the natural environment. We hope to inspire everyone and create a better environment.  All of our available products are purely organic and natural; and indeed they are best for your skin, body, and hair care needs. Apart from Clarity bath salts, you can get the best bath bombs, bath salts and other amazing products.


Finally, we would suggest that Clarity Bath Salt is simply the need for your bathroom. It looks not only pretty but is no doubt a useful luxury for you. We wanted to share this for any of you who've had any stress lately and we hope this help might help you.


Do you use Epsom or Himalayan salts in your bath? What’s your favourite scent? We would love to hear about your thoughts and preferences. Please let us know in the comment section below.


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